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About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 2016, Tusk has remained dedicated to delivering an exceptional culinary experience that showcases the abundance of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. With a vibrant atmosphere and a menu that expertly blends Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, Tusk continues to captivate diners with its innovative cuisine.



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Our Culinary Family

At Submarine Hospitality, we're more than just a group of restaurants - we're a family that's committed to creating a more equitable hospitality industry. We believe that true hospitality extends not just to our guests, but to our team members and the community as well. Whether you're dining at Tusk or one of our other beloved establishments, you can expect the same warm, welcoming service that reflects our commitment to both outward and inward hospitality. Come discover our other culinary destinations and experience the difference that comes from a true family of restaurants.